You will need

  1. New Image SDII
  2. New Image Life Salt
  3. Turbo Shaker
  4. Ketone Sticks – Urine test strips
  5. Cold pressed oil, e.g., flaxseed oil or olive oil
  6. Apple cider vinegar

Please take note that in this programme, you will need

* 1 gram of protein per kilo of ideal body weight

For example,
If your current body is 85kg, but your ideal body weight is 70kg.
Therefore, you will need 70g of protein a day.

In this programme, you are require to take 4 glasses of SD II (2 helped scoops) that provides 40g of protein. From the above example, you will need to take 30g of protein from your daily foods.

Please take note that

The protein you need each day is dependant on your goal weight but not less than 60 grams protein.

* The WHO/FAO (1985) recommends that adults require a daily minimum of 0.75 grams of protein per kilo of body weight (Children: 1.0 grams)


  1. Choose food only from the food list. If it is not on the list you can’t have it. Remember the scientists took years to get the list together so you could enjoy rapid fat loss. (refer company guide note for details)
  2. Create meals that provide a totally of 20 – 35g carbohydrate per day or follow the menus given. (refer company guide note for details)
  3. Shake the Slim Diet before opening. A scoop is inside each can.
  4. Mix 2 scoops of formula in the 200ml / 250ml shaker of cold water four times daily (refer company guide note for details)
  5. It is essential to have 4 teaspoons of cold pressed oil and two teaspoons of cider vinegar daily. This can be one teaspoon in the shaker or in a salad dressing.
  6. Season your food with New Image Lite Salt (for extra potassium)
  7. You must drink at least 2 litres of water per day. (Cool Water)
  8. Reduce / Eliminate caffeine drinks, i.e. tea, chocolate and coffee. Cafeine slows fat burning.
  9. Check your ketone stick daily starting on day 3. (refer company guide note for details)
  10. Exercise for a total of 30 minutes per day. A brisk walk is sufficient.

Please purchase the SDII – The Ultimate diet, Lose your fat and Don’t lose your body tone guide note from company sales counter at Mid Valley Office for RM2 each.

The SDII Guide Note
The Content are

  1. Introduction
  2. How to start in details
  3. Urine test result
  4. Ten Commandments
  5. Food Chart
  6. Menu for SDII
  7. Weight Maintenance
  8. What should you weight
  9. Weekly Measurements
  10. Ideal weight for height chart