Slim Diet 2 (SD2)

Mar 31, 10 Slim Diet 2 (SD2)

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Produk Pelangsingan Badan Terkenal Di New Zealand Kini Di MALAYSIA ! Slim Diet II atau SD 2 membantu anda mendapatkan berat badan yang ideal dengan mengamalkan konsep diet yang sihat TANPA BERLAPAR dan sekaligus menghilangkan lemak badan berlebihan pada tubuh anda. SD II juga membantu anda untuk mengekalkan bentuk tubuh badan...

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Sangat mudah untuk turun berat badan!!

Mar 31, 10 Sangat mudah untuk turun berat badan!!

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Boleh makan macam biasa dengan sd2! percayakah anda dengan slim diet II, anda masih boleh makan 3 kali sehari, tetapi berat badan masih boleh turun??? itulah kehebatan sd2, saya dah mengalaminya, jom sama2 kita kurus sambil menjaga kesihatan!! untuk kesan yang efektif, elakkan mengambil makan terlalu banyak dan berlebihan. badan...

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Why SD II ?

Mar 31, 10 Why SD II ?

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1. It is completely natural, safe, rapid and cost effective. 2. There are no ravenous hunger pains and a satisfying volume of food is consumed daily. 3. You can measure, by means of a simple test, whether you are burning fat or not 4. You lose only fat, not lean body tissue (as in low calorie diets), thereby maintaining good...

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Cadangan Makanan untuk Pengamal SDII

Mar 31, 10 Cadangan Makanan untuk Pengamal SDII

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Cadangan Makanan untuk Pengamal SDII Sarapan 1. Telor -Mata Kerbau, Omelet (campur sausage, bawang, capsicum, tomato) rebus 2. Sausage – Rebus, Grill, Slice kecil dan goreng 3. Burger daging 4. Ayam kukus dengan spices 5. Fish finger/fillet ( cari yang chunky kurang tepong) Makan Tengah hari 1. Ayam , daging, Ikan, makanan laut,...

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How To Start

Mar 15, 10 How To Start

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You will need New Image SDII New Image Life Salt Turbo Shaker Ketone Sticks – Urine test strips Cold pressed oil, e.g., flaxseed oil or olive oil Apple cider vinegar Protein Please take note that in this programme, you will need * 1 gram of protein per kilo of ideal body weight For example, If your current body is...

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Will everyone lose weight on this diet? I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. Yes! Everyone should lose weight with the Slim Diet II. The only difference is how much and how fast. No one, over a period of time, can maintain their weight on the rapids weight loss plan of just 800 calories a day. There has to be...

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Product Info.

SD II Weight Loss Net weight : 420g Servings : 28 Usage : Two heaped scoops in 200/250ml of water. When to avoid : Pregnant or nursing mothers. Flavour sachets contain phenylalanine. Fat was never intended to be a burden to the human race. It is a result of our lifestyle being out of balance. The original human beings made ...

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SDII Brochure

Mar 15, 10 SDII Brochure

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